How To Cook Mushrooms (Like a Chef)

If you want to learn how to cook mushrooms like a chef, or don’t know how to cook them properly, you’ve come to the right place! Most people struggle when cooking mushrooms and I notice the same mistakes being made again and again: washing the mushrooms, salting too early, and adding ingredients in the wrong order. I’m going to show you a fail-proof way to cook any variety of mushroom with perfect results every time.

How to cook the best mushrooms

Mushrooms consist of 80 to 90% water and will do all the work FOR YOU in a DRY pan if you let them (let your food speak to you). No oil, butter, or salt is even needed until the very last step.

Cooking mushrooms in a dry pan will give you the most beautiful outcome (in my opinion), texture, and color as well. The mushrooms go through a process of getting nice and golden brown first, then releasing all of their water, followed by the water evaporating completely. At the end we finish them off with butter, salt, and aromatics of choice for the perfect bite! If you’ve been struggling with making mushrooms, let me know below and if I helped you in any way please share this method.

How To Cook Mushrooms (Fail-Proof)

The Modern NonnaThe Modern Nonna
Mushrooms consist of 80 to 90% water and will do all the work FOR YOU in a DRY pan if you let them (let your food speak to you). No oil, butter, or salt is even needed until the very last step.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Servings 2 people


  • ½ pound (300 grams) sliced cremini mushrooms, or any variety
  • 1 tablespoon salted or unsalted butter
  • sprinkle of salt if using unsalted butter
  • aromatics, such as fresh thyme


  • You can make as many mushrooms as you like, but they must be cooked in batches. It's important to make sure they cook in a single layer, not overcrowding the pan. I use a large 12-inch skillet.
  • If the mushrooms have any dirt on them do not rinse them. Instead, take a damp paper towel and wipe them well. Then slice them (if they are not already pre-sliced). I like purchasing sliced for convenience.
  • In a large pan over medium-high heat, add the mushrooms and make sure they are not overlapping or overcrowding the pan.
  • At first you will begin to see them brown a bit, and then they begin to release a lot of water. You need to let them go through this process and let the water completely evaporate until the pan is dry.
  • You can gently stir them if you wish and move them around while they cook.
  • Once the water has evaporated fully, they will begin to brown again. How much color you like is totally up to you, so keep an eye on them and move them around so they get golden on all sides.
  • I like to reduce the heat to low after they have reached a nice golden-brown color, or even take them off the heat so that the butter doesn't burn when added.
  • Add the butter and fresh thyme or any aromatics you like. If you used unsalted butter you can add a sprinkle of salt off the heat.
  • Feel free to also add ingredients such as finely chopped garlic, chili flakes, etc. with the butter if you wish.



Tips for cooking the best mushrooms: 
1. Never wash mushrooms. Wipe off any dirt with a damp paper towel. You CAN wash them but they won’t be as good in texture/color.
2. You don’t need any oil or butter in the pan initially (personal preference). Mushrooms consist of 80 to 90% water and they will do all the work in a DRY pan on medium-high heat. At first they will start to brown and then start to release all of their moisture and the water will completely evaporate. When the pan is dry they begin to brown again!
3. Never salt the mushrooms in the beginning. Salt draws out moisture and will make them extremely mushy. We want a nice meaty delicious bite to them with color and texture. Salt at the end always.
4. Once the water has completely evaporated and the mushrooms start to brown, reduce the heat to low (or take it off the heat) and add a touch of butter and aromatics like thyme. You can use salted butter OR unsalted butter but make sure to salt the mushrooms at the very end once they are off the heat.
5. Don’t overcrowd the pan. Put the mushrooms in a single layer as best as possible. Overcrowding will allow them to steam and not brown. 
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