How To Make Stainless Steel Non Stick

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This simple tutorial for how to make stainless steel non stick is going to change the way you cook. If you are sick of being oversold on nonstick pans that don’t actually work, this hack will change the game. Stainless steel pans can be made nonstick in as little as one minute. The trick to achieving this is called the Leidenfrost effect, which allows water to glide like a bead once the pan is hot enough, letting you know it’s ready to be used. Everyone’s heating time will be different depending on the stove so be sure to test a few different times out. Get ready to donate your useless nonstick pans, because all you need is a stainless steel pan and this trick to make pancakes, eggs, mushrooms, meat, and more that will glide across the pan!

How To Make Stainless Steel Non Stick

You won't need a nonstick pan after learning this hack. Preheat your stainless steel pans properly and make them non-stick with these few helpful tips.
5 from 2 votes


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  • I preheat my pan for 3 minutes on medium-high heat. I drop a touch of water to see if it’s ready. If the water turns into a bead and GLIDES, you can wipe it off and it’s ready to cook on.
  • Make sure you have all of your ingredients ready and prepped already so you can start cooking right away.
  • If the water EVAPORATES, it means the pan is not hot enough. You can wipe the water and wait a little and try again.
  • If the water separates into hundreds of tiny water pellets it means it’s way too hot and you can take it off the heat to bring it down to temperature and try again!
  • You may have to try a few different timings until you get it perfect depending on your stove. If you find this tip helpful please save, share, and comment.



Heat a pan on medium-high heat and time it to test what the perfect timing is for you
If the water turns into a BEAD, it’s ready! If it evaporates, the pan is not hot enough, and if it separates into hundreds of small beads, it’s way too hot
Recipe for the mushrooms: I made the same mushrooms from yesterday’s post the exact same way so be sure to take a look at the link below on how to make the perfect mushrooms every single time!
Mushrooms hold 80-90% water and can be added to a hot DRY pan allowing them to evaporate, pop, and get brown. Take them off the heat (or lower it) once browned and add butter, aromatics, and salt for the perfect bite!
If you want to make the perfect mushrooms like a chef, be sure to check out the recipe and all my tips here How To Cook Mushrooms (Like a Chef)
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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the lesson on stainless steel cooking. I understand the mushroom tutorial and is it the same for veggies? What about meat like chicken? That’s what I need info on please.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Liz, yes it would be the same. After you heat up the pan a bit and it becomes “non-stick” you can play around with the heat as you cook 🙂